Solarus Medical is a family owned home medical equipment company headquartered in Tampa, FL. We also maintain offices in Texas, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois and Nebraska.


Our Mission To The Customer

Our Staff

Our mission is to assist you in finding the right respiratory medical product that meets your individual needs that improves the quality of your life while providing you with extraordinary customer service.


The Ideals We Strive For

 To constantly improve our services to you by providing the best customer service.
We research the market daily to find the best, most efficient, user friendly products available at prices everyone can afford.
We want our customers to know we are always willing to work with you on pricing & payments.  We work hard to be the alternative to the other medical equipment companies that haven’t caught on to the fact that just because it is considered medical equipment doesn’t mean it has to be expensive.
We only provide the best selection of medical equipment from the premier manufacturers in the healthcare industry at prices that are not just reasonable, but unbeatable.

-Thanks For Visiting Us From The Solarus Medical Team-